Using M+ Fonts

Developers: Just a quick note on how to setup the M+ fonts in your code editor. If you’re not familiar with M+, here’s a good article that covers some of the reasons I love it so much.

(I prefer the “MN” variant, which is “aimed at a new distinctive design for a terminal font specialized to programming,” and the examples below are for configuring it specifically.)

Emacs #

Emacs is my main code editor.

I’m not sure how much of the following is necessary; I cheated and used OSX’s font selector (⌘⇧T) and saved my session to figure it out. Here’s how you can do it directly:

Set your default face (using M-x customize-face):

If you prefer to do your font settings in Elisp, I wish you well. Manual font configuration makes my eyes cross.

Atom #

I’m watching GitHub’s Atom Editor project. It’s got some extremely exciting prospects around extensibility, has some beautiful themes, and deserves a look. (It’s still a rather young project; my only real complaints are around performance and stability.)

In the Settings panel (eg, ⌘,), under “Editor Settings,” set:

Something else? #

If you use MacVim or another editor that you’ve configured for M+, please reach me at @wbruce if it wasn’t straightforward and let me know how so I can include the configuration here. Thanks!


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